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5th Hull Company



Junior Section

The Junior Section meet for each week to enjoy themselves and learn new things. They enjoy singing, craft, games and trips. They like cooking too!

There are currently 18 Juniors and the leading boys/girls are Thomas Lewis, Chloe Pearce, William Burnett and James Stewart. The Section is led by Paddi McGowan, Jack Simmonds and Vicki Brownlee. The helpers are Alice Sullivan and Mike Braithwaite.

The Juniors have a new mascot who is called BB (they have named him Bailey Barkworth).

This year there has been a trip to Build a Bear and a trip to the park for the Juniors. They also joined the rest of the Company at the Founders Day Service and at a holiday activity day. We are looking forward to the Junior Holiday in February.

The Juniors work towards their badges (Target, Bronze, Silver and Gold) and they can join the Company Marching Band too.

Junior Gold Badges
Aidan Dalo 2013
Connor Waudby 2013
Ryan Smith 2013
Bradley Wilburn 2012
Oliver Fowler 2012
Luke McKenzie-Bryant 2010
Ebony Beaudoin 2009
Joshua Cox 2006
Rhys Savage 2006
David Morrison 2006
Adam Lamb 2006
Michael Tong 2006
Stephanie Parker 2005
Alan Whitley 2005
Luke Purchon 2004

Lord Mayors Junior Award

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
William Burnett William Burnett  
James Stewart Thomas Lewis  
Thomas Lewis    
Owen Hadley    
Calum Pearce    
Chloe Pearce