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5th Hull Company



Senior Section

The Senior Section meet for each week to enjoy themselves, learn new things and work for badges. They enjoy games, socialising, holidays and trips. They like quizzes, Wii games and drill too!

There are currently 3 in the Senior Section and the squad leader is Grace Burnett. The Section is led by Paddi McGowan, Vicki Brownlee and Jack Simmonds.

This year there has been a holiday to France and they joined in with the Battalion Bowling Competition - Steven Whipp top scored for the Senior Setion team. They also joined the rest of the Company at the Battalion Founders Day Service.

The Senior Section also work towards their badges (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and they can gain their Queen's Badge any time after School Year 12. Senior Section members can also join the Company Marching Band too.

senior right armband
senior left armband


Name Rank  
President's Badge Holders
Queen's Badge Holders
Alice Sullivan Staff Sergeant  
Lucy Suggitt 2013
Steven Whipp 2013
Grace Burnett Corporal  
Grace Burnett 2013
Alice Sullivan 2012
Lucy Suggitt Corporal
Harry Brigham 2012
Stephen Lister 2012
Chris Fozard Lance Corporal  
Jack Wingfield 2012
Sarah Fairbotham 2012
Ashley Hope 2011
Phillip Ellarby 2011
Victoria Storey 2011
Paige Savage 2010
Adam Lamb 2011
Liam Kitto 2010
Kayleigh Overton 2011
Michael Braithwaite 2009
Stephen Lister 2010
Owen Hughes 2009*
Sarah Faitbotham 2010
Peter Spencer 2007
Alice Sullivan 2010
Tim Miller 2007
Rhys Savage 2010
David Morrison 2010
Nathan Hope 2009
Steven Whipp 2009
Nikki Cartlich 2009
Paige Savage 2008
Matthew Harrison 2008
Michael Braithwaite 2007
Phillip Ellarby 2007
Stephen Miller 2007
Peter Spencer 2006
Claire Sparkes 2006#
Tim Miller 2005

#unable to claim the award as a female at this point

* also a member of 24th Hull

Members of the Company Section

KGVI Week 2
Day Certificate in Sports Leadership

Young Volunteer 50 Hour Award

Young Volunteer 100 Hour Award
Young Volunteer 200 Hour Award
Alice Sullivan 2013
Alice Sullivan 2011
Victoria Storey 2012
Steven Whipp 2013
Nathan Hope 2011
Nathan Hope 2012
Sarah Fairbotham 2010
Adam Lamb 2011
Jack Wingfield 2013
Phillip Ellarby 2011
Phillip Ellarby 2011
Nicola Cartlich 2010
Matthew Harrison 2009
Ashley Hope 2012
Alice Sullivan 2011
Paige Savage 2010
Phillip Ellarby 2010 (HQ)
Kayleigh Overton 2012
Paige Savage 2010
Tim Miller 2007
Liam Kitto 2010
Stephen Lister 2012
Liam Kitto 2010
Peter Spencer 2007
Nikki Cartlich 2010
Owen Hughes 2010
Sarah Fairbotham 2010
Michael Braithwaite 2010